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10 Things To Know About Zappos Customer Service

At Zappos, you can’t escape it.

Obsessed. Maniacal. Radical. WOW.

Since we first burst upon the e-commerce scene in 1999, Zappos is unwavering in focus on delivering the best possible service experience for our customers. We have always been the first to let you know we are “powered by service,” and Zappos is a service company that just happens to sell all the nifty shoes, clothing, accessories and whatnot found on

Now, 19 years later, we are still maniacally obsessed with making sure our customers are happy and proud to do business with us.

Our famous, fabulous customer service is delivered by our Customer Loyalty Team (CLT) on the front lines, sincerely engaging with customers via phone, chat and email. This rule of thumb is commonly referred to as “wowing” our customers.

Company-wide, it is a daily quest for every Zapponian to “WOW” our customers in new and wonderful ways.

What? Wow? How? I thought you knew. Drum roll, please: Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Zappos customer service.

1. Easy-to-find contact info

We love it when you call us! Our customer service phone number is on every page of our website, all our company vehicles, and all of our Google search results. You can’t miss it. That’s a rarity. Many times, a customer service phone number isn’t available on a company’s homepage. If the number is available, it can take a significant amount of detective work to unearth it. Who's got the time for that?

When customers have a problem, they want fast solutions. Being able to quickly and easily find Zappos’ number, and give us a call is a huge step toward making that happen. Our customers love the fact that it is always easy to reach a Zappos representative, no matter what.

2. Unlimited call times

Customer service calls at Zappos take as long as they need to take. Length of calls are not limited or dictated by company call time parameters.

If a customer needs help with product fit, we can work with them to figure it out. If a customer needs assistance with their shipment carrier, we can contact them while on the line. And if a customer needs to exchange everything in a 19-item order – there’s plenty of time to do that, too.

Zappos’ current record for the longest customer service call is 10 hours, 51 minutes. No, you don’t need glasses. Ten hours. Fifty-one minutes. #Wow.

3. Friendly, solution-oriented representatives

When you call us, we’re happy to hear from you! Our phone reps are friendly, helpful and genuinely engaged.

Zappos customers always find a friendly, helpful and empathetic ear. We truly care about each and every individual that contacts us, and it’s our mission to provide the best solutions possible. Not only do we actively go above and beyond to create a positive service experience, but these Zapponians also have the opportunity to develop personal connections on every call.

Customer interactions often include personal topics, such as weddings, pregnancies, graduations, birthdays and anniversaries. It’s not uncommon for customers to be pleasantly surprised days later by a mailed greeting card from their new friend at Zappos!



4. No phone tree

Calling a company with an issue you need help with, and ending up talking to an automaton is arguably one of the Worst. Things. Ever.

Half the time, the recording system gets your replies wrong, and the other half your situation is not addressed in the 99 options that “have recently changed.”

Happily, Zappos customers never have to perish attempting to climb a phone tree to reach us — and, a live human being generally answers all calls in less than one minute. Awesome, right? Everyone knows being on hold is for the birds.

5. No scripts

Every conversation between Zappos representatives and callers is as different as the personalities of the participants. Our customers love the level of service we provide and particularly enjoy being able to engage in real conversations specific to their own needs, with personable individuals.

Depending on what timetable and kind of mood our customers are in, our conversations range from no-nonsense order taking, exchanges and returns, to chats about everything from current events to kids, pets, sports and the weather!

Due to the connections often established between our team members and callers, conversations can take on a life of their own.

6. 24/7 call center

How many times have you finally found the time to take care of your online return, exchange or billing question, only to realize the company’s customer service hours have just ended?

Many folks don’t have time to deal with unexpected extra tasks, like handling an online order issue, until late in the day, early in the day, during work lunch breaks, or on their days off, which could be either on the weekend or during the week.

Never fear, Zappos is here! In addition to our lickety-split, less than a minute answer time, our attentive CLT representatives are available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

7. Empowered to help

Here at Zappos, our CLT members are specially trained to make sound decisions on their own by taking ownership of each call’s experience, and any adverse issues the customer expresses.

Our company enables our representatives to best adjust to the needs of our customers by bestowing them management level decision-making power.

For example, all Zappos customer service representatives have the authority to accept special-case returns, offer partial or full refunds in cases of loss of service, pay for damages, and “WOW” customers to provide solutions in any other manner they deem appropriate.


8. 365-day return policy

Let’s face it, purchasing something does not guarantee that the item gets used, or even opened right away. Life happens, and unopened Zappos orders can end up in hallways, closets and car trunks, waiting in anticipation for the moment of their great reveal.

Despite our hopes and expectations, sometimes, the reveal falls a bit flat. Exchanges and/or returns need to be made — but it’s just before Valentine’s Day, and you received your order in September, way past the 90-day window more generous retailers extend.

Rats! Right? Wrong.

Another way Zappos delivers happiness is through its 365-day return policy. Now you don’t have to put those $90 Nikes on Craigslist.

9. Free shipping and returns

One of the biggest reasons many customers choose Zappos is our generous shipping and return policy. How much is shipping for your $50 item? Free. What about your $10 Adidas socks? Also free!

Further, Zappos’ free shipping is super fast, at just three to five business days, and only one business day for our VIP customers.

If you ordered five pairs of shoes and none of them fit correctly, that’s OK. Just access your account online and print a shipping label, or give us a call and we will email you one. Charge for return shipping labels is also, yup you guessed it, free.


10. No upselling

Although is home to over four million items in stock and growing, you won’t find us pushing customers to buy more than they plan.

With each customer’s situation uniquely different, we are always mindful to listen carefully. Our job is to determine and meet the caller’s need, providing the best solution for our customer, whether it be an exchange, researching the location of delivery, returning $500 worth of merchandise, or helping to find a pair of shoes for Great Aunt Sarah to wear to your wedding.

It is common for our Customer Loyalty Team members to hear customers say more than once during the day, “I love Zappos!”

Well, guess what? We love you, too.


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