Culture April 29th, 2020

Zappos Editorial Team Shows Us What Shoppers Don't See


Television and print ads are designed to inspire, anger, entice, or tap into any one of your 27 emotions.

Think that perfect scoop of ice cream is French vanilla? Nope. Those are mashed potatoes! And you’ve heard the expression “putting lipstick on a pig,” right? Well, advertisers use red lipstick to brighten up strawberries.

Food isn’t the only medium that gets tweaked for photographic purposes. Clothes, shoes, and even jewelry get enhanced to show their best attributes.

Thirteen people comprise Zappos' Las Vegas Editorial Team. They include art directors, producers, directors, stylists, and a dog named Kodak.

In this episode of Zappos Stories, we go behind the scenes and talk to two stylists, Regina Sollecchio and Angel Miyake, about their process. Using objects like T-pins, fishing wire, and crumpled up pieces of paper, they show us some of the hacks they use to ensure the product photos you see on-site look stylish, appealing, and ready to be purchased.


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