Culture September 11th, 2018

Why Zappos Is So Obsessed With Impressing Its Customers


Build a culture and the customers will follow.

Fifteen years is a long time to stay with a company — it can feel even longer when your sole purpose is to ensure the happiness of its customers.

That’s how long ago Rob Siefker was hired as a temp to work on the Customer Loyalty Team at Zappos. His job was simply to WOW customers over the phone. His Zappos license plate reads “Temp 6.”



At its core, customer service is the support you offer your customers before, during and after they purchase products from your company. From day one Siefker embraced his job, WOWed Zappos customers, and is now the Senior Director of Customer Loyalty.

“People will not choose your business if you don’t provide them great service,” says Siefker. To this day, he ensures employees don’t lose sight of Zappos' core vision: providing excellent customer service and creating an amazing shopping experience.

How can we WOW you today?


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