Culture January 7th, 2020

Why Company Culture Matters


At Zappos, we’ve learned that hiring the right people is crucial to creating a fun and unique working environment.

Therefore, we only onboard candidates who we think will protect our culture, regardless of skillsets or revenue-generating potential.

Jamie Naughton, who holds the role of chief of staff, has been with Zappos since the early 2000’s and has seen first-hand how employees influence the culture.

“Every single hire has the ability to change the culture for the positive or the negative,” says Naughton. “And if you make too many compromises in your hiring decision you end up with an imbalance in your culture.”

Technical Advisor Jeanne Markel, who first joined the company in 2006, agrees.

“The people that you work with are actually the most important resources in the company,” says Markel. “Getting to know your people both personally and professionally will lead not only to a better environment but to better results for Zappos.”


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