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Hand-crafted leather boots with comfort, durability, and luxury in mind. Designed in the USA and made in Spain.


GINANNI is a family-owned business founded in 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah. GINANNI produces hand-crafted leather shoes with comfort, durability, and luxury in mind. Our line of stylish boots are designed in Utah and made by hand in Spain and Mexico. If you’re looking for timeless styles, beautiful leatherwork, and the price doesn’t break the bank, shop our line. We searched for the best shoe factories in the world and found them in Europe and America.

One of our factories is located in Spain and the other one is located in Mexico both of them have a long history of producing the best footwear. Our factories have the best artisans, and there is no better place to make shoes. Our factory is one of the very first shoemakers to use natural leather and dye them by hand to be painted. Each pair of shoes goes through several steps of colors and treatments resulting in original and unique colors.

GINANNI shoes are crafted with only the highest-grade leather. To find our materials, our experts are always visiting tanneries throughout Europe and America. Each piece is inspected in detail and cut by master shoemakers to ensure unmatched quality. GINANNI Shoes are one of a kind and always in style. In fact, our GINANNI classic, unique, and contemporary styles are designed for people who likes to dress well and are open to new experiences.