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Running Shoes For Overpronation & Supination

The Best Asics By Arch Type

Pronation defines the natural movement of your feet. And while pronation impacts every person's gait—even on a simple stroll—it's amplified when you're pounding the pavement for a run.

So, before snapping up a pair of new running shoes based solely on their cool factor (tempting, we know) scroll to learn about your pronation type and find just-right pairs for your arch—from overpronated to neutral to supinated.


Overpronation is the tendency for feet to roll inward with each step, and can be defined by a wider ball area, slightly curved arch, and a flatter heel. An overpronator’s BFF is a sneaker with extra cushioning and a heavier weight, which can help balance the inward pull and bring the foot back to a more neutral position.


Supination, aka underpronation, happens when the foot doesn’t roll inward enough with each step. Supinators often have higher arches, and can benefit from a running shoe fit with support, structure, and cushioning to balance the impact more evenly across the foot.

Neutral Pronation

If you’ve got a neutral gait, it means you distribute your weight evenly as you move, with your foot and ankle in an aligned, upright position. Having motion control in your shoes isn’t quite as important as finding a pair with stability that supports your arch—without forcing under or overpronation.

Pro tip:

Not sure how to classify your arch type? Taking a quick look at the wear and tear of your running sneaks can help identify your pronation:

If the inner edge is worn out... you’re likely an overpronator, associated with flat feet.
If the shoes are evenly worn... your pronation is neutral, with equal weight distribution across the foot.
If the top outer edge is worn out... you’re probably a supinator, which is tied to high arches.

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