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How to Build a Cozy Dream Fort for Kids

Cozy How-To: Build Your Kids’ Dream Fort!

Nothing embodies the magic of childhood quite like building your very own fort out of pillows and throws from around the house—it’s the perfect safe haven for kids to play, nap, and dream. We teamed up with DIY guru Erica Chan Coffman of lifestyle blog HonestlyWTF to give you her guide to create the ultimate cozy corner using cuddle-worthy pieces from Zappos Home. Let’s make magic!

Supplies Needed:

3/4" PVC piping (total length 68' minimum)
a. (1) 77" length
b. (9) 35" length
c. (6) 41" length
d. (4) 29" length
e. (4) 12" length
g. (8) 1.5" length

3/4" PVC joints (no threads)
A. (8) 3-way elbow
B. (2) 90° elbow
C. (6) 45° elbow
D. (8) T socket

PVC pipe cutter
3/4" snap clamps
PVC glue (optional)
bed sheets and quilts

Step 1

Start by cutting all the PVC pipes to their appropriate sizes. Measure, mark and cut using the PVC cutter. I recommend labeling each end of the pipes to corresponding letters provided. It makes assembly much easier!

Note: The lower case letters represent the PVC pipes and the upper case letters represent the joints. All sizes and quantities are above in the supply list.

Step 2

The only complicated parts are the 4 points where you will have multiple joints connected. This is where the shape of the roof is formed using 3 joints at each corner, as well as those little 1.5" pieces (f). The 1.5" (f) pieces will allow you to connect the joints together. For example, if the diagram says CBA, it means pipe b will connect with A. Then use pipe f as a connector between A and B.

Step 3

Then add another connector (pipe f) followed by C and then pipe d. If you would like to be able to dissemble the fort and reassemble it later, I recommend at least glueing these three joints together so you're not having to pack and unpack all those little pieces. Ultimately, the frame should look like this.


Step 4

Hang some colorful sheets across the frame, grab fluffy pillows, lay down blankets, a mattress or whatever you like—the only requirement is the cozier the better!

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