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How to Stretch Out Your Jeans

Whether high-waisted or slim-cut, a new pair of jeans is rarely a perfect fit right from the start. Even the best denim can feel a little too snug on your first try. Like new shoes, they need to be broken in. To speed things up, here’s the best way to stretch out your tight jeans for a looser, comfier, and more flattering fit.

Step 1: Get Your Jeans Wet

Fill up a spray bottle with lukewarm water and mist your jeans until its wet all around. Or cut to the chase and toss them into the washer or soak them in water.

Step 2: Stretch Them Out

Start stretching out the tight spots on your wet jeans, pulling at waist on both sides to loosen the fit or tugging at the thigh area and legs. Repeat this a few times.

Step 3: Dance It Up

Here comes the real stretch! Pull on your damp jeans and slip a book (or two) around your waist, and move around in them! Sit, squat, kick, yoga pose, and just dance so your denim loosens up on you.

Step 4: Heat Things Up & Repeat

Take off your jeans and apply some heat with an iron or a blow dryer to ease up the denim fibers even more. Put them on again and work them some more.

Step 5: Air Dry Your Denim

Once your jeans feel looser, let them air dry. Skip the dryer the next couple times you wash them to avoid shrinking!

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