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9 Sock Styles to Rock With Sneakers | The_ONES

9 Sock Styles to Rock With Sneakers

In our opinion, every sneaker needs a stylish sock sidekick, the Robin to its Batman. These unexpected pairings give a fashion-forward turn to your below-the-knee game.


The Thrill of the Frill

A little lace never hurt nobody. Folded over at the ankle, a pretty sock is like a throwback to five-year-old you (complete with pigtails and shiny black mary janes). Pair ’em with sneakers, and the look is updated for the woman-on-the-go you’ve become.


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Power Patterns

Consider white sneakers—like these classic high-top Chucks—a blank canvas, primed to be paired with out-there socks.


All that Glitters

Invite your favorite pair of sneaks to Studio 54 with some sparkle—it’s a dance-party-ready look so comfortable you won’t be going home with your shoes in your pockets ever again. (And don’t let anybody ever tell you that you can’t wear navy with black—you can and should.)


Sheer Madness

A killer combo: delicate, ankle-grazing socks—a fresher spin on full-on tights—teamed up with, well, any kind of sneaker (honestly, they all look good).


“I collect socks. Ha! I own so many socks. I’ve always loved them. I have all kinds of colors and patterns and socks that are just fun.”


Color Blocking

The pairing of graphic, color-blocked socks with sneakers in a bold colorway walks the rare fashion line between tailored and too far.


Two of a Kind

Matching your socks to your shoes gives a solid punch of color to your below-the-knee game. Or dial up the drama of your monochrome stylings by matching your socks to your pants and letting them contrast your sneaks.


Show Your Stripes

The easy way to wear stripes: on your feet. A short or cuffed pant shows off the goods.


Nothing But Net

Ok, so they’re technically not socks, but fishnet stockings give a pair of sneakers like these Fenty Creepers a badass feminine edge.


If all else fails, Biggie won’t let you down.





Written by Kelly Lack.



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