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Illustrator Abbey Lossing Can Convey a Party With a Single Squiggle | The_ONES

Meet the Artist:
Abbey Lossing

Brooklyn, New York

Favorite thing to draw:
“People doing everyday ordinary things. Plants are a close second.”

Sneaker of choice:
“White Stan Smiths. When I first bought them I tried so hard to keep them the pristine white, but I’ve learned to embrace the added city grunge.”

True story:
Her first job out of college was at Buzzfeed. Score!

Be friends:

See more of her work:


With repetition, deft lines, patterns, and pastels, Abbey Lossing creates her signature illustrations and GIFs, deceptively simple for the humor and emotion they portray. The tilt of a head speaks volumes, a single squiggle conveys a party. A world of characters, stylistically related and yet able to stand alone, whether on Vice News Tonight or across The_ONES’ very own Instagram, for which we asked Lossing to create a series of GIFs.

Right out of college—Syracuse, majoring in illustration—Lossing was promptly scooped up by Buzzfeed, bypassing the requisite couple months spent figuring it out back at mom’s house that frequently befalls recent college grads. “It was a great foot in the door,” says the now Brooklyn-based artist, who grew up obsessed with children’s drawing show Pappyland (“think Bob Ross meets the Teletubbies”).

After her stint at Buzzfeed, Lossing found her way over to Vice, where her talents were deployed on Vice News Tonight on HBO, an assignment that had her drawing President Trump more times than she can count. “I worked there during the first year of Trump’s presidency, and I can definitely say I never need to draw him again,” she laughs. “I have dreams (nightmares?) about drawing Trump!”

Recently, Lossing heeded the siren’s call of being her own boss, and struck out on her own desiring the freedom to work on different projects (though she’s still a Vice regular). Her illustrations, created digitally on a Wacom Cintiq so she can “draw as I naturally would on paper,” have been commissioned by such top-tier companies as The New York Times, Google, and Target. But “I regularly draw for fun,” she says. “Making personal projects for yourself is really important for anyone who works in commercial illustration.”



Check out our Instagram for more rad work from Lossing and other insanely good illustrators!


Abbey's ONES

“I love a good sneaker, especially since I walk everywhere,” she says. “There's nothing worse than having to walk to dinner or work in uncomfortable shoes.”

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“Many people don’t know this but Vice actually has a dress code. To work there you must own a pair of black Vans, and most people pair theirs with black jeans, a T-shirt, and a denim jacket. I tried to refrain, but after a month I caved and bought a pair.”

  • Abbey Lossing, jokingly, on the “Vice uniform”



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