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Meet The_ONES: Getting It Done With Brittany Giles


Meet The_ONES: Getting It Done With Brittany Giles


We’ve partnered with CNK Daily, a rising e-source dedicated to serving women in what they’ve dubbed SneakHER Culture, to bring you In HER Soles: Meet The_ONES, a series celebrating the power of sneakers and creatives with ladies across the country. Stretching across a variety of areas including business, design, fashion, mindfulness, and social advocacy, we’re sharing their stories, their work, and the sneakers they keep on deck.



The weekends are for a lot of things: Netflix. Brunch. Errands. Sleep. You get the point. But for Brittany Giles, Founder of, the weekend is also a time to reset, renew, and possibly grab a smoothie at her favorite Dallas juice shop. Between her job as a high school teacher, creating content for her bustling lifestyle brand, and raising her daughter, Brittany’s motto to “just get it done” seems to be one mantra that continues to pay off.

If you've ever had tea with a little bit of whiskey, that’s Brittany. As both an instructor and a seasoned content creator, Brittany has an undeniable knack for honesty and an ability to spread those good-AF vibes as much as possible. Like it says on her site, “Your vibe, your space, your life -- live well.” She is the epitome of hippie meets fitness and mindfulness Queen so, when it came to picking our fourth subject for our The_ONES collaboration, we knew immediately that it had to be her. Along with her sage, crystals, and vegan-ish foodie obsession, Brittany’s love of sneakers is pretty much the perfect fit for any classic. You see, from commanding first period to racing to pick up her mini, Brittany pretty much lives in kicks and wouldn’t have it any other way.

We met Brittany in the heart of Dallas, Texas for a few snaps at JuiceLand between sips of her smoothie and talked about wellness, the myth of balance, and why classic sneakers are forever her go-to.



Meet Brittany Giles in 140 characters or less...
Brittany Giles: I'd consider myself a modern day mother hustler who's adopted the mindset of, "just get it done." Pouring into others is my passion so, whether I am doing that as Peyton's mommy, Ms. Giles (the high school educator) or FitXBrit ( the wellness and lifestyle digital creator) my peace can be found when I'm creating space for growth.

Keep It Simple...and Clean
BG: My style is pretty much a ball of confusion with an emphasis on minimalism. It's how far can I go and still be able to wear this to work with some sneakers.

I'd love to be able to say that I'm the epitome of "get you a girl that can do both" but, I'd be lying. Sneakers are life and if I can't wear them, I'm not going. I'm that teacher that the kids can't stand but, in the same breath, they can't wait to see walk through the door so that they can see what shoes I am rockin’ each day. That has ultimately led to a relationship builder with my kiddos. We bond over sneakers and music.

Creating Classic Memories...
BG: A classic silhouette is a necessity. I personally have never been the type to chase the hype unless we are talking Jordans. Instead, I appreciate the classics because they all have a story, they are timeless, and ultimately they are something that I can pass down to my daughter Peyton. When we are twinning in our Adidas shell toes, a Nike Cortez or Reebok Classics, she's always asking questions. I'd like to believe that these are the moments that will bond us.

The_ONES on Repeat...
BG: I picked the Puma Suede Classic because they have always been a repeat cop for me in different colorways. I love them for their comfort and overall versatility. Plus, the fact that I can pair them with a casual day-to-day look and then easily transition to my first day of school ‘fit is a significant plus.


On Where She Finds Her Creativity...
BG: It might sound trendy or cliche, but clearing my mind (or at least doing my best) really allows me to unleash my subconscious. Learning that consistency matters more than the length of time and staying consistent with that really sparks my creativity. I love that Dallas has a huge yoga and meditation scene that really allows me to dig deeper and dive into expanding my practice. Dallas is continuously growing and adapting to meet current trends, but there are still those spots that you know won't change, and you can just vibe with. Places like Refugee Meditation, Juiceland, Prayer Mountain, and Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve are authentic spots that are consistently challenging me to look within and connect to something greater.

Just Do It...
BG: To be honest, I don't believe in balance anymore. Each day I make a conscious decision to put my efforts into specific areas. Because of this, something else is lacking. If I am thriving as a Mom or on Instagram, rest assured that my house looks like a tornado hit it. In fact, when I try to create a work-life balance, I find myself even more drained. When I get a breather or when my support system shows up, best believe I am grateful and I take it. Currently, if the season I’m in had a title it would be called, "Get It Done."

What Does SneakHER Culture Mean to Brittany?
BG: I have been a fan of the brand and the vision since day one, so I have seen the evolution. To me, SneakHER culture provides an environment where ladies can be confident and comfortable. Where we can rock that suit while still giving props to our evolving sneaker rotation. We are allowed to be sexy, confident, and boardroom ready all while rocking our favorite sneakers. We don’t have to choose or feel that we aren’t bringing our “A” game because we left our heels in the closet today. But, more significantly, SneakHer culture means community and being unapologetically you.



Major Keys To Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Health, According to Brittany:


Like I said, I don’t believe in balance but, I do believe that you need to feed your spirit. Prayer works for me and I’m really into crystals. But, whatever helps fill you - do that. If it’s prayer, if it’s taking a walk in nature, if it’s volunteering, whatever. We need to do the things that recharge us and connect us.


I am really into journaling and meditation, and my church family keeps me grounded. That trifecta is EVERYTHING to me. The key is consistency and not setting up to many expectations for yourself. Just be present.


Get up and move even when you don't want to. It isn't going to always be easy, but IT WILL always be beneficial to your mind, body, and soul. I have those days when I am not feeling one hundred percent, but when I remind myself how GOOD exercise makes me feel, and how it will help me reach my goals, I generally try to do it anyway. Getting started is really the hardest part. Once you get going, you're usually glad you did. And when it's over, you feel even better.

Written by: Channing Beumer
Photos by: Maribel Morales

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