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What's the Tea? How Two Boss Babes Turned Their Creativity Into a Business


What's the Tea? How Two Boss Babes Turn Their Creativity Into a Business


The adjective “Instagrammable” might just be a buzzword for millennials and generation Z but to Alexandra Lourdes and Lin Jerome, it was something even bigger— an opportunity. Two accomplished professionals in their own right, they saw a void in creative communal spaces for women in Nevada. With this, the idea for Cafe Lola was born.

On top of its delicious menu featuring healthy meals and high powered coffee, Cafe Lola offers something more for its guests who are treated more like community than consumers. What that is is a space to meet, create and empower by regularly hosting networking events for local women to connect and continue to expand the area’s creative female community. And of course, two of the most recognizable faces at these events are Alexandra and Lin, both committed to paying it forward in hopes of inspiring the next generation of Boss Babes.

The two founders knew that if they wanted Cafe Lola to be a creative hub for women, it had to be designed with the same style and vibrance as the minds occupying it. With decor that includes eye-catching floral arrangements and neon signs of empowerment, it’s no surprise that The Food Network named it the most instagrammable restaurant in Nevada. Alexandra and Lin know that it’s not just about the space looking great, it’s about creating an atmosphere that truly inspires and empowers those who choose to enter it.


It’s not hard to see how their mission of empowering women aligns perfectly with The_ONES, so we caught up with the two Boss Babes to get the tea about their journey, goals and of course, sneakers.

Finding Your Business BFF

Alexandra Lourdes: Lin and I were actually introduced through my husband Michael. He met Lin in a young professionals group and thought we would hit it off. He was definitely right! We came together to host a charity event and after that we created our interactive marketing company, The Refined Agency.

Lin Jerome: While we were building The Refined Agency we worked in so many coffee shops around town and just never felt like any of them were designed with a female focus. We always were looking for gluten free options, bright spaces, and you know, just a place that we would enjoy sitting in for multiple hours a day. We never found it.

Alexandra Lourdes: So we decided to create a space where women would love coming into. For work, to network, to just create amazing ideas. Café Lola was born and we’re now on our second location in town and we’re just voted the most instagrammable restaurant in Nevada by The Food Network.


Describe Your Lola Style

A: My style is very classic and timeless. I like saying it’s Chanel-esque
L: I would say very girly chic. I love anything over the top! I don’t like normal anything

Using Your Passion for a Purpose

A: I have always loved being creative whether it was painting or creating something on photoshop and now that has translated into making doughnuts (at our doughnut shop Saint Honoré) or creating events! I love that our events, like Women Who Slay, brings together women and inspires them to go after their own dreams. I also love coming into Café Lola and seeing all of these women meeting up to exchange ideas and connect.

L: I grew up working in National Charity League and many philanthropic women’s organizations. Being raised by my mom and grandma I was always around women and just love connecting them and doing anything that can help and inspire other women. It’s amazing seeing our events and businesses we have created bringing local women together.

Sneakers Are More Than Just Style

A: Because you are on your feet 24/7!!
L: Who has time to wear heels? You can’t run around to 4 restaurant locations and look after two infants in heels!
A: Plus sneakers are the new heels!


Cute & Comfy

A: I like using my accessories especially my shoes as statement pieces. I always choose classic outfits in more neutral tones but pair them with trendy sneakers for a pop!
L: I love pairing super feminine pieces with sneakers because it’s such a good contrast. You look cute but you’re also comfy.

Expressing Yourself Through Style

A: I usually start with shoes. They are my favorite part of the outfit. I would say shoes, hat and then the outfit, in that order.
L: Outfit! Clothes are like art to me.

Three Tips on How to be a Boss Babe

L: You should always define your goals and expectations up front. Having a clear plan is the best way to
A: If you create a business with a partner, find someone who has strengths in areas where you may not be as seasoned. ​ If you shine in the creative part of a business find someone who excels with the logistical aspect or vice versa.
L: Go after what you want. You can accomplish anything with hard work.

What does The ONES mean to you?

A: I think for me The_ONES is a platform that brings women together. Style can connect us whether it’s as simple as complimenting a woman on their outfit and then connecting with them on a deeper level.
L: The ONES also helps you define your own style and express your individuality.

Cafe Lola Faves

A: Alex’s Coffee and our Let’s Avocuddle Toast, for sure
L: Iced Matcha, always, and the Turkey and Cheddar Baguette



Photos by Jazmyn Le.


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