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How to Boot off the Dirt from Your Dr. Martens in 5 Easy Steps


How to Boot off the Dirt from Your Dr. Martens in 5 Easy Steps


Dr. Martens boots are timeless and a staple to every wardrobe. Although they have a reputation for durability, a little maintenance can go a long way in how they age and how they look. Whether your go-to pair is suede or patent leather, we have you covered with the right supplies to keep them looking right.

Step 1: Find the right product

You’ll want to find the right cleaner for your style of boot which includes suede and patent leather. It’s important to make sure you have the right kind of cleaner to avoid damaging your boots. The Dr. Martens Kit 3 is a perfect place to start and you’ll want to add a suede or patent cleaner in if that’s your style of boot.

Step 2: Prepare for cleaning

Wearing your favorite Dr. Martens? Fun. Cleaning them? Not so much but the good news is it’s a fairly quick process and a standard cleaning bottle will go a long way. The first thing you’ll want to do is find a level surface that you don’t mind getting some water and dirt residue on. This can be a sink or you can simple put a towel down over your table to minimize the mess. Next, you’ll want to remove the laces and soak them in a bowl of cleaner or soap. You can rub them together or with a cleaning brush before rinsing them again and letting them dry.

Step 3: Cleaning

Start with a small amount of the appropriate material cleaner (suede, patent) and spray onto the boot. Then use a soft towel or brush included in the Dr. Martens Kit 3 to gently scrub. Be sure to not overly spray the cleaner to avoid soaking and potentially damaging the boot. Because of Dr. Martens’ minimalistic design, this process should be quick and easy.

(A suede brush can be used after the boot has dried to help restore the original appearance. )


Step 4: Protect

Now that you’ve cleaned your laces and boots, it’s time to give them a protective layer that will help keep them looking great until your next cleaning session. First, gently apply Wonder Balsam using the included sponge to the upper leather for protective layer and subtle shine. (Do not use the Wonder Balsam on suede boots.)

Step 5: Finish!

Now that you’ve cleaned your boots and added a protective later with the Wonder Balsam, you’ll want to finish the job off with a spray of the Ultra Protector and the shoe freshener to the interior. This will keep your boots looking and smelling fresh.


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Photos By: Annabelle Sadler


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