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Meet The_ONES: Walking in Purpose with Evelynn Escobar-Thomas


Meet The_ONES: Walking in Purpose with Evelynn Escobar-Thomas


We’ve partnered with CNK Daily, a rising e-source dedicated to serving women in what they’ve dubbed SneakHER Culture, to bring you In HER Soles: Meet The_ONES, a series celebrating the power of sneakers and creatives with ladies across the country. Stretching across a variety of areas including business, design, fashion, mindfulness, and social advocacy, we’re sharing their stories, their work, and the sneakers they keep on deck.


At first glance, we easily gravitated to Evelynn Escobar-Thomas because of her cool vibes. She has an effortless way of curating an Instagram aesthetic that will convince you to focus on your wellness, enjoy nature, and give yourself a fly manicure. As we continued to scroll and admire Evelynn’s cozy styles and natural beauty, we couldn’t help but notice the amazing authenticity and organic way in which she empowers people.

Evelynn has always been rooted in individuality and making a difference. Whether it be her ‘easy like Sunday morning’ sneakHER style, diverse brand partnerships, or digital media strategist role with LA’s staple sneaker/streetwear store Undefeated - Evelynn makes it a point to get important messages across to all of us. She is a master of advocating through authenticity and you can’t help but feel inspired by her multiple ways of helping others and unifying women of all walks of life.

Take your pick of Evelynn’s hike club, activism initiatives, or passion for representation in the industry we work in and beyond. This “Jill of all trades” gets it done, and she doesn’t mind doing the work.

We connected with Evelynn to chat about her sneakHER style, navigating the e-streets, and lifting others as she climbs.


All about Evelynn... in 140 characters or less.
Evelynn Escobar-Thomas: Sneaker-wearing, naturalist, activist and digital media strategist from the DMV. Based in LA.

Finding your center, through sneakers.
EET: Sneakers have always been something I gave energy to since I was a kid. They’re an extension of expression for me and allow me to operate from a place of comfort.

What sparks your style and creativity as a whole?
EET: Nature and my younger self are definitely my main sources of creativity. I’m always
striving to be who I needed when I was younger.


Classics are a major key.
EET: I actually favor classic silhouettes on most days. I steer away from trends because they are so volatile. A classic silhouette will always just be what it is. They’re a staple in my rotation.

I love a monochromatic look so I paired my [Reebok] Aztreks with an all-white tank + skirt, then played off its soft bright color accents with an avocado-colored top.

Passion overlapping purpose..
EET: In my current role, even existing and doing the work that I’m doing is an act of resistance to the very boys club nature of the industry. I use my role to help show others they can not only be seen and exist but also do impactful work in a space that wasn’t necessarily “meant” for them.

On today's social media era..
EET: It has always been a community and now even more so than ever we’re so intertwined across the world. The accessibility part of it is incredible.


Three tips for ladies who aspire to work in the digital media scene:

  1. Define the things you are passionate about and let them be your north star.
  2. Give yourself the opportunities, projects, etc. that you eventually want to work in.
  3. Build an online community and meet people who share similar interests.


Strength in numbers.
EET: It’s not only about getting your foot in the door. It’s about uplifting others so that we collectively begin to challenge that foundation while empowering others to also be glimmers of representation. The more people see us in these roles being great, the easier it will be to progress in the future. Also, using your role to do meaningful work and champion ideas for underrepresented communities such as WOC/black women specifically in this space. In summary, it really is just leveraging your position to empower others to be able to do the same. There is strength in well-qualified numbers.

What does SneakHER culture mean to your?
EET: SneakHER culture to me is exactly that. A culture of uplifting and inspiring others to make a more inclusive and holistic community.


Written by: Cassidy Edwards
Photos by: Jasmine Durhal


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