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Sneaker Diaries: Up Close and Personal With a Rad West-Coast Style Blogger



Few people manage to capture the high-low style and youthful energy that’s shaping San Francisco today quite like blogger Kendall Chase. Since 2015, the Bay Area native has been chronicling her adventures around the city and sharing tips for fashion, travel, booze, and stylish living on her blog Chasing Kendall—a moniker which also coincidentally nods to the 1997 indie classic by Kevin Smith centered around a lesbian protagonist. And while it might seem like a fitting diary for the fashion- and travel-loving 27 year old, who resides with her girlfriend in the city’s Castro neighborhood, the blog is at heart a love letter to San Francisco and the city that has shaped Chase in return. “I fell in love with San Francisco years ago and knew I had to live here when I grew up,” says Chase. “The spirit of the city, the ‘be who you want to be’ mentality, the few judgmental attitudes…I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better city to come of age in. It’s the perfect place to discover who you are.”

That flair for discovery, both within and around her, is what continues to inspire Chase and her unique approach to fashion (“masculine and feminine, grit and glamour, retro and modern”), which comes into full focus on her hugely addictive Instagram feed @ChasingKendall. And according to Chase, she’s only just getting started. “I hit it hard from the beginning, launching my website and social channels,” she says. “Since then I’ve committed to keeping it up and staying on this hamster wheel. Can’t stop, won’t stop.”

And so to keep up with Chase, who counts Solange, Iris Apfel, and Jane Birkin as her style icons, we asked her to document a day in her life. Below she shows us around her beloved city—from morning strolls to evening cocktails—in an up-close-and-personal look inside her wildly inspiring world.


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8:35 a.m. I wake up. It’s a Saturday so it’s early for me. I start getting ready to head out from my place—it’s a cottage in the Castro with midcentury roots and a few modern updates. Inviting and cozy. Technically I live alone, but my girlfriend basically lives with me at this point. I throw together an outfit and am immediately hit with my first dilemma—which pair of Converse should I wear!? Fun fact: I have 10 pairs.


9:15 a.m. I step out of the house, strolling through my neighborhood headed to the train. Nothing makes me happier than walking around this part of the city on a cold, crisp, sunny day. I love the incredible history of the Castro, being immersed in it, and the exuberantly happy vibe of the people walking the streets. There’s a sense of freedom in the air, more so than other neighborhoods. Plus, you never know what unexpected drag queen or naked man might pop up around the corner. It’s exciting and oh-so ‘San Francisco.’


10:00 a.m. I hop on the F train to take it downtown to go shopping for a birthday present for my bestie. (Definitely not ready for the tourist madhouse, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.) I love riding these cars whenever I can; they're a nice break from the dreary underground Munis. It makes me feel inspired and alive, riding all the way down Market Street, passing palm trees and crazy people, right through the heart of San Francisco. The city has changed so much over the last few years but these cars have been around forever. They are a true representation of San Francisco, all gathered and imported from cities around the world, much like the eclectic group of people inhabiting this city.


2:25 p.m. I make a pit-stop at Sightglass for some much-needed caffeine. Downtown wiped me out! (Note to self: Never again attempt without coffee first.) I almost always get a cappuccino here; so creamy and yummy. If it’s a warmer day, their nitro cold brew is also bomb. The people next to me are having a conversation about a new movie script, like a prospective actor and producer or confused, did I just transport to L.A. or is S.F. just getting that trendy?!


4:35 p.m. The hunt for a birthday present continues at one of my favorite local boutiques, the General Store. It’s filled with tons of artisanal and handmade goods, like ceramic bowls and candles, wood wall art, local fashion, succulents, artsy books. They have to have something right!? Or maybe I’ll just pick up a cozy blanket for myself...


8:45 p.m. Bring on those cocktails, this girl is ready to relax! Nothing like some casual patio drinks for my bestie’s birthday! I tend to stick to bourbon in the winter, gin in the summer, and mezcal year-round. I love eating and eat everything; and the same goes for drinking. So living in S.F. is a blessing and a curse. My girlfriend, Katie, eventually joins and we all hang for a couple hours.



11:00 p.m. Katie and I make it back home at last. That means bra off, shoes off, robe on—stat! I get comfy on the sofa and turn on the latest episode of Search Party. Hoping this show fills my Broad City void, it’s pretty good so far! When it’s over we call it a night and turn in for some snoozing.


Kendall’s ONES

“Converse are the only shoes that legit go with everything in my closet,” she says. “I love the versatility in wear and the playfulness in style, but what I love most is that they get better with time. And when I find a one-of-a-kind pair, it’s like finding treasure!”



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