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The_ONES You Need: Back to Basics with Two NYC Super Collectors


The_ONES You Need: Back to Basics with Two NYC Super Collectors


We’ve partnered with CNK Daily, a rising e-source dedicated to serving women in what they’ve dubbed SneakHER Culture, to bring you In HER Soles: Meet The_ONES, a series celebrating the power of sneakers and creatives with ladies across the country. Stretching across a variety of areas including business, design, fashion, mindfulness, and social advocacy, we’re sharing their stories, their work, and the sneakers they keep on deck.



While the spotlight continues to shine on women in the sneaker game, we can’t forget the ladies who aren’t necessarily new to this. We mean the women who were thriving in the culture, before it was a thing on social media. With their passion for sneakers deep rooted in the streets of New York, Jas ‘Kixie’ Gonzalez and Damaries ‘Dee Dee’ Negron aren’t shy about lifting their voices for women in this sole-filled community. Aside from continuously advocating for representation in this historically male-dominated space of sneakers and streetwear, Kixie and Dee Dee have been collecting kicks for well over a decade and have turned their passion into careers. Kixie is the Co-Founder of the In Her Soles Collective and Dee Dee is a writer for WNBA Kicks.

Sneakers aren’t just a cool hashtag or trending topic, to these ladies — they areLIFE. True sneakHER style plays an integral role in how Kixie and Dee Dee express themselves. For them, sneakers are deeply rooted in a lifestyle in which they created a standard of authenticity and sisterhood. Their shoes symbolize their individual style, and essentially have become a badge of honor from borough to borough.

Even though both ladies can confidently recite all the grails (AKA the most coveted pairs) they have, they still understand that going back to the basics is a fundamental key in building any collection. We can’t always afford to grab the hype shoe releases, therefore it’s important to remember the classics that created the blueprint to sneakHER style.

Two friends. Two collections. Two diverse styles. We had the opportunity to vibe with both Kixie and Dee Dee, hearing their thoughts on classic pairs, connecting the dots with kicks, and what sneakHER culture means to them.


The 411 on Jas Gonzalez & Dee Dee Negron…
D: I’ve been collecting since 2007. The first shoe that jumpstarted me collecting sneakers were the retro Bred 13s from 2004. It wasn’t until 2012 that I actually knew about a sneaker community. I thought collecting and learning about sneakers was something we did in the hood. Being exposed to other women who do it as well was so dope.

It’s important for people to know about your sneakers because it’s one of the ways brands take us collectors seriously. Collecting since the age of 15 has helped because it made me realize the change in the culture, the atmosphere, and the progress the market has made 12 years later.

K: I am a passionate and knowledgeable sneaker collector and sneaker historian. I affectionately say I have old eyes in the sneaker game. Because I grew up wearing today’s retro and current hype brands. I often look for new technology and new styles that fit my curvy body. My style would be a mix of Plus Size feminine merged with hardcore street kicks.

Take it personal...
D: I personally connect through sneakers by informing everyone with what’s going on in the culture and the market. It’s important that I educate women about the in’s and out’s of the footwear industry so that we don’t get taken advantage of just because of our gender.

K: Sneakers are very personal to me. Sneakers are my mood, how I select my partners, and even my family heirlooms.

Classics are a major key.
D: Knowing the history of a classic silhouette is important. When we are having conversations around these pairs, you can educate others and see the pattern as to why the sneakers continue to re-release.

K: As a seasoned collector, I would advise new female collectors to start finding their fit, size and, style through wearing one of each brand’s signature classic models.


On picking the ONES...
D: I mainly pair my shoes with my outfits based on comfort or simply depending on the occasion. Shoes come first when crafting my sneaker style, they are the focal point of my outfit.

K: I love the femininity in the Sophia Webster x Puma collab because they are white, and I wanted to highlight the many colors on the sole. Of course sneakers come first when creating a look, and I pick them based on moods; fun, mad, neutral, bold. Then I find matching pieces.

Three tips for building your collection...

  1. Don’t mimic anyone’s collection, build based off of what YOU like.
  2. Make sure you research to know what you’re buying (i.e. functionality,etc)
  3. Have fun with it and make sure it represents you.



  1. Start building with one pair from each brand.
  2. Don’t get caught up following trends.
  3. Simple - buy women’s sneakers!


How can women continue to positively move the sneaker culture forward?
D: We can continue to make platforms by making sure we stay focused on representation and education, not industry politics.

K: By embracing the younger woman and educate them like I’m doing with my brand, InHerSoles Collective.

What does sneakHER culture mean to you?
D: SneakHER culture for me means a woman who knows about her shoes while being independent and creating her own voice. It means standing out and being humble. It means not getting distracted by the negativity and finding a way to spread awareness through sneakers.

K: It means there is a platform to be influenced by real women who have passion and roots in the sneaker culture.

Written by: Cassidy Edwards
Photos by: Kevin Sanon


Kixie & Dee Dee’s Wish List



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