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Power Players: Pamela Tick, the DJ & Model Taking the Fashion World by Storm

We’ve partnered with one of the raddest publications in the game, PAPER magazine, to bring you Power Players, a series celebrating powerful ladies—trailblazers across art, music, fashion, and social advocacy—and their inspiring stories and out-of-bounds style.



Pamela Tick is a woman on the verge. She’s DJing New York fashion week parties, she’s scoring coveted modeling gigs for top brands, she’s having the Coveteur comb through her closet, she’s marrying the love of her life with none other than Vogue there to document it. And yet she approaches each step, each stage, each job with a refreshing authenticity and enthusiasm that makes you kinda wish you were best friends (she was, elegantly, busting out backbends in the middle of New York City streets on our shoot).

Born and raised in New York, and back to the city after a stint in the wide open of Colorado for college, the ethereal Tick possesses a surefooted personal style that walks the line between girly and grunge with a soft spot for vintage and a penchant for accessories. It’s bell bottoms and blazers. A good leather belt cinched around a silky maxi dress. Perfectly worn-in jeans, a plain tee, and, of course, a pair of classic sneaks.

For her, feeling powerful is aided by a force field of love and support built up around her by friends and family. “Through work I come across many people, some with ulterior motives, and I see how the fashion industry can make you jaded. But being around those with whom I share mutual love and support keeps it real for me,” she says. “I feel most powerful when I put others first and stick to the morals and values instilled in me.”



“For me, power comes from being positive in all aspects of life, carrying that energy through all that I do and everyone I associate with.”

  • Pamela Tick

You’re a DJ, a model, and a stylist. What are some of the positives and—real talk—negatives of each gig?

“Each of my jobs is an outlet for my passions: music, fashion, photography, and traveling. On the upside, I’m grateful to do what I do and love what I do. I’ve been able to work with inspiring people, and I appreciate how each day is different. That being said, the hustle for steady work is real, but it motivates me. These industries can be competitive, so it’s crucial to know your worth and not get discouraged by bumps along the way.”


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How did you get into DJing?

“When I moved back to New York, I began working in fashion and had a few modeling projects on the side. I always had a knack for music but used to think DJing meant clubs and nightlife gigs, which aren’t really my speed. Once I realized there was a market for DJs in the fashion and lifestyle world, I found my niche.”

Who’s on your get-pumped mix??

“Rihanna, Haim, Beyonce, Christine and the Queens, Shania Twain, Wild Belle, Daft Punk, The Weeknd, and Robin Schulz to name a few. I love a mix of genres both current and nostalgic.”



Do you personally have an anthem?

“For strength, I love 'Get What You Give' by Felix Cartel. It's a remix of an old song by the New Radicals. But my ultimate go-to is Poolside's version of 'Harvest Moon' by Neil Young.”

These days there’s so much talk about “work-life balance.” Do you generally feel more powerful wearing one hat vs the other?

“My personal and work life both stimulate me in tandem. For me, power comes from being positive in all aspects of life, carrying that energy through all that I do and everyone I associate with.”

Is there a certain time of the day when you’re your best self?

“I pride myself on being a morning person. I love waking up knowing I have a full day ahead of me and I always aim to make it as productive as possible.”

Can you describe a moment in your past when you felt supremely powerful?

“My wedding day! All of my emotions and feelings were at their utmost marrying the love of my life who’s helped me pave a path that allows me to follow my dreams. And it continues. I feel powerful coming home to him each day and being able to talk about work and also about how we can better ourselves and one another on this journey called life.”



How do you try to own your power via social media?

“The external validation and instant gratification of social media has become a source of attention and even an addiction for our generation. With it comes a certain type of power but honestly it’s fleeting. I’m grateful to have a platform to express myself, but followers and likes solely based on image shouldn’t correlate with power. It’s important to not compare yourself to others or be swayed to act or look a certain way, and instead take it all in as a source of inspiration. Confidence should come from within.”

Have you ever had to take back power from a social-media troll?

“I take everything with a grain of salt. Life is too short to be hypersensitive about what others are saying. Criticism and controversy play a large role in social media—especially the more influential one becomes. It’s a bit cliche, but I live by the mantra ‘If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.’ If someone leaves a rude remark on one of my photos, I won’t put up a rebuttal because that would satisfy this stranger who doesn't even know me.”

Name one powerful woman you admire.

“Joan Didion. She is, to me, as cool as it gets; a cultural icon and author who became a star for all the right reasons. I look up to her sophistication and style.”

You’re obviously a woman on the go. What’s your go-to power-player outfit?

“A power outfit for me is a pant suit. I love how it's androgynous and can be dressed up or down.”

What’s your most boss lipstick shade?

“I have two colors to give credit to here: Dior’s Rouge Dior Lipstick 999 and Bobbi Brown's Raisin Berry.”

Written by Kelly Lack. Photos by Tory Rust.


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“…it’s crucial to know your worth and not get discouraged by bumps along the way.”

  • Pamela Tick

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