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“Essentials” for a Fabulous Road Trip | The_ONES

“Essentials” for a Fabulous Road Trip

When Brooklyn-based pals Darian Darling, Morgan Stuart, Mischa G., and Douglas Theodore Cornwall, III, road-tripped from NYC to LA we knew we had to come along. The fashion-world besties (stylists and bloggers and hair gurus—oh my!) have wild, out-of-bounds style. So we had them document some of their retro faves along the famed Route 66, and asked them for their—wink wink—road-trip “essentials.” From a jumper printed with fried eggs to kimonos to a history book on the Amazons, their road-trip must-brings guarantee a good time, in great style.


Darian Darling, @moidariandarling
“I just threw a lot of Moschino in a suitcase and ran!”

My Essentials

1990 Madonna Blond Ambition Tour jacket. “I’ve had it since I was 10.”
Glittery magenta zebra-print evening dress. “Always just in case.”
History book on the Amazons. “Because...legends of warrior women in the ancient world!”


Hot-pink Hi-Top Converse. “My signature color.”
Metallic-silver Vans. “My kind of neutral and understated.”
Pink-glitter Opening Ceremony x Vans. “When I’m feeling truly outrageous.”


Douglas Theodore Cornwall, III, @vaingloriously
“Highly inappropriate clothing always.”

My Essentials:

A silk kimono. ”For twirling around in the desert…I thought the luxe fabric blowing in the warm desert wind sounded romantic.”
Robocop-type vintage Pucci sunglasses. ”In case I needed to feel a bit of that retro-futuristic, B-rated sci-fi movie in the desert vibe. And you know what? I did!”
Fancy stinks (aka. perfume). ”Necessary for travel glamour. I smashed a bottle of Frédéric Maille on the way. Now one Arizona parking lot is destined to smell gorgeous forever.”


All-white Adidas Superstars. “Goes with everything and my favorite Japanese socks—sparkle lurex, sheer, stocking-style.”
Red-striped white Adidas Superstars. “My go-tos! I painted my nails Chanel ‘Rouge Essential’ to match on the trip.”
Mischa’s yellow Hi-Top Converse. “We’re the same size and they were perfect for this vintage sweater I found.”


Mischa G, @mischag
“I had 10 different pairs of sunglasses and eyeglasses.”

My Essentials:

Desert jumpsuit. “It was a gift and has a whole mountain scene on it that mirrored the landscape in Joshua Tree perfectly.”
Faux yellow ponytail extension. ”When I don’t want to do my hair, I just pop it on and wrap it into a bun!”
My favorite denim overalls. ”I wear them to death.”


Beat-up white Chuck Taylor Converse.
Mustard-yellow Hi-Top Converse.
Yellow and pink Fenty Pumas.
White Pumas.


Morgan Stuart, @morgantstuart
“Leave the crunchy snacks at home.”

My Essentials

Jumpsuits. ”Yes, I wear a lot of them.”
Vintage workers suits. ”I tear them up and make them my own. A few new ones are bright-colored and covered in patterns, like fried eggs.”
Poncho hoodies. ”To cope with how crazy cold the desert can get at night.”


White Vans lace-ups. “To offset any bold patterns I was wearing.”
White, blue, and red Converse. “They have more like a dingy yellow-white that I’m obsessed with. I re-laced them so that I didn't have to hand tie them.”

Written by Dickson Wong. Photos by Morgan Stuart.



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