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Meet The_ONES: Tomboy Chic with Content Maven Vicky Logan


Meet The_ONES: Tomboy Chic with Content Maven Vicky Logan


We’ve partnered with CNK Daily, a rising e-source dedicated to serving women in what they’ve dubbed SneakHER Culture, to bring you In HER Soles: Meet The_ONES, a series celebrating the power of sneakers and creatives with ladies across the country. Stretching across a variety of areas including business, design, fashion, mindfulness, and social advocacy, we’re sharing their stories, their work, and the sneakers they keep on deck.



There’s a reason why Content Creator Vicky Logan has amassed an audience of over 400,000 on platforms like Instagram and YouTube: she’s the type of girl who won’t hesitate to tell you where she got her fly sneakers AND the story behind them.

Vicky's worked alongside some of the biggest brands in the influencer business, from MAC Cosmetics, Neutrogena, and Cosmopolitan to Nissan, Kiehl’s, and BooHoo. And after just a few hours with her, the 'how' and 'why' ceases to be surprising. When we say Vicky's energy is contagious, we mean that she’s definitely got that whole 'work hard and be nice to people' vibe, but she also seriously delivers on the whole 'work hard' part of that motto, too.

Vicky is a prime example of someone having one heck of a good time playing with their wardrobe. As we posted up in the Chicago streets and Vicky hit her angles effortlessly, we made mental notes to get a little more daring with our own almost all-black closet. So, if you see us in the near future in Kill Bill tees or a yellow Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66, you know who we have to thank for the inspiration.

Below, check out our chat and see what Vicky had to say about choosing classic sneakers, how she stays true to herself when creating content, and her tips on owning every bit of your sneakHER style.


What’s the 411 on Vicky?
Vicky Logan: I’m a creator that has been expressing myself through style and technology. I’m all about sharing things I love with others to show them how to embrace who they are and be their best selves!

Bringing the 90’s Back...
VL: I call my style “tomboy chic”. I often mix masculine elements into traditional feminine styles. I also like blending street style with bright, playful, and youthful pieces that hint at the 90’s/early 2000’s.

Always Grab Your Go-To...
VL: You always need that one shoe that can embody any look you’re going for. That one sneaker that brings any outfit together! Everyone needs a go-to that they can rely on when all else fails.

The_ONES From ‘Kill Bill’...
VL: When I saw the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 I IMMEDIATELY knew where they were from. This sneaker was worn in one of my favorite movies, Kill Bill, by Black Mamba, who was on a quest to avenge her enemies. I have on a Kill Bill shirt with an image from the scene where she was wearing the shoe. I always try to mix in traditional feminine elements for balance, so I paired it with a checked skirt that shows my figure a bit to offset the edginess of the shirt and shoes.

The ‘Why’ Behind The Content...
VL: Since I was a kid I’ve never had one thing that I was more passionate about, I love all things that enhance our human experience. So no matter what I feel inspired about, whether it’s a new foundation launch or grocery shopping, I can share it and my audience is just as excited. There are no limits to what I can create!

I never make content about anything I wouldn’t try or use in real life...As I’ve grown in this industry it’s become my goal to help make #ads more relatable so that people can actually trust what we’re promoting. I don’t want to just create content for money, I want to create content that will resonate with the average girl!

What Does SneakHER Culture Mean to Vicky?
VL: SneakHER culture is a movement that allows women to be expressive and own who they are, no matter where they come from! For so long I’ve always seen the sneaker community dominated by males because sneakerheads have always been “a guy thing”. But now, street style has become more mainstream and acceptable in all walks of life, from fast fashion to high fashion, and I think it’s time that women take some of that sneakerhead territory and embrace who we are and what we can bring to the table.


Embracing Your SneakHER Style, According to Vicky:

1. Wear what makes YOU happy. I think people put too much thought into how they should look for others instead of wearing things that speak to them and what they like. Your style is a representation of you, so trendy or not, as long as what you wear makes you feel good, it’s a good outfit!

2. ACCESSORIZE and LAYER. These two things are key in making an outfit unique and personal to you. Jewelry, belts, bags, hats are all great ways to not only spruce up your outfit but to tie your look together with your sneakers. I love to match at least one accessory to my kicks when I want to really make them pop. And layering is a cool way to add some contrast to a traditional outfit, like wearing sports bras with suit jackets. You can even layer your accessories!

3. Always keep a pair of fresh white kicks. Whether its a pair of Converse Hi-Tops, an AF1, or simple slip-on Vans. A fresh pair of white sneakers will save your outfit!

Catch up with Vicky Logan on Instagram and on her website,

Written by: Channing Beumer
Photos by: Lani Tons


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