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Meet The_ONES: Uplifting the Sole with Yvonne Guidry


Meet The_ONES: Uplifting the Sole with Yvonne Guidry


We’ve partnered with CNK Daily, a rising e-source dedicated to serving women in what they’ve dubbed SneakHER Culture, to bring you In HER Soles: Meet The_ONES, a series celebrating the power of sneakers and creatives with ladies across the country. Stretching across a variety of areas including business, design, fashion, mindfulness, and social advocacy, we’re sharing their stories, their work, and the sneakers they keep on deck.


As women, we naturally take on multiple roles and are expected to do it with grace and style at all times. There is no magic formula to getting it all done, but it’s nice to know women that empower others to find their own roadmap while owning their individuality. Yvonne Guidry is the epitome of a renaissance woman who conveys her message of living unapologetically through lifestyle content, style, and motherhood. She has successfully connected two worlds of rich Latino heritage and trill Houston culture to encourage women to represent their roots to the fullest.

As founder of, Yvonne finds balance in showing women that there’s nothing wrong with taking time to focus on yourself without feeling guilty about it. Not only has Yvonne worked with brands that we love, but she also focuses on the importance of loving yourself and creates events (like her annual Spoiled Latina Day) where women can indulge in a little self-care. From her vibrant personality and infectious laugh, Yvonne’s way of engaging with other women is truly her superpower.

We connected with Yvonne for some southern hospitality deep in the heart of Texas as she spilled the tea on the city she loves, adding sneakers into her mix, and the joy in spoiling yourself.


The 411 on Yvonne.
Yvonne Guidry: I’m a first generation Mexican-American born Texan. I love fashion, beauty, and entertainment. I’m the founder of, a blog that aims to inspire women to spoil themselves without the guilt. I am a mother to an amazing 9 year old and I love enchiladas (LOL).

Put on for my city..
YG: Living in Houston and being involved in the culture and pushing it forward inspires me to keep elevating my brand to show the world how awesome the people in Houston are.

Your "why" matters."
YG: My creative style comes from an abundance of ideas, thoughts, that I want to make a reality. My son inspires me to see things from his perspective, and not to care about what anyone thinks when I am creating content. Only his opinion matters. Working out has also helped with how I create, I feel so much more confident with my work when I feel good.


Yvonne on her personal style
YG: My personal style varies depending on occasion. I would describe it as sophisticated yet fun and I love comfort. I’m conscious of my body and what fits me. I love to mix and match high and low fashion, and if I could arrive in sneakers everywhere, I would.

Sneakers are the real MVP
YG: Honestly, I don’t emphasize sneakers as much as I should into my content, but I do work in sneakers a whole lot. Last year, for the Latin AMA’s I originally was going to wear heels with my outfit. As I headed to the theatre, I noticed a blister forming. I did what any smart girl would do. Walked into a sneaker store and bought me some classic black Adidas and killed my assignment.

Styling The_ONES
YG: Having a classic silhouette is a must. You can never go wrong with pairing it with just about anything. That’s the beauty of a classic piece, it can be paired with anything and look timeless. Just add some hoops and lipgloss and go about your day!

I love a solid pair of crisp white sneakers. When I got these PUMAs, all I could think of when deciding what to wear them with was my favorite pair of distressed jeans and a white tee. I love a bold lip color and it matched my cute earrings which set the whole look off.


Decisions, decisions
YG: I usually start with my outfit, unless I know what shoes I want to wear. I’m a Libra, it’s hard to make a decision most of the time. You can always bet that I’ll try on 2-3 pairs before deciding on the right one. Same with outfits, I think all women go through that.

Yvonne's three C's of SneakHER style:

  1. Keep it cute.
  2. Keep it casual.
  3. Keep it comfortable.


Beyond the brand
YG: Partnering with brands that speak the same language as my followers is important. Many of the brands I collaborate with are already brands I love and am loyal to with or without publicizing or tagging them. When I receive an email to collaborate with a brand I get so excited because I can speak on the product with passion and honesty versus a made up story.

What does SneakHER culture mean to you?
YG: SneakHER Culture means something authentic to yourself. My sneaker style represents me and my love for color, patterns, comfort, culture, trends and most importantly my own style. I love how sneakers are a lifestyle, not just for the athlete, but the everyday person who wants to feel empowered from within their soles.


Written by: Cassidy Edwards
Photos by: Katie Charlesworth


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