Add relief to your next event,
 pop a squat inside the Porta Party!

Meet Porta Party, the world’s most reimagined outhouse

A first of its kind, this state-of-the-art restroom poo-poos on every other porta potty you’ve ever been in. Mindful features and interactive technology allow you to truly mix business with pleasure.

Just for S*!%# and Giggles

  • Fun Goodies To Take With You
  • Perfect Selfie Station
  • Motorized Squatty Feet
  • Audio and Video Manipulated Urinal

    Men’s urinal gives you the chance to change your surroundings, with your stream. Utilizing 24 sensors embedded in the ring of the urinal you can strike certain “notes” while doing your business.

  • 40” Waterproof Monitors
  • Soap Dispenser Voting System

    Live poll voting displays triggered by the soap spout you place your hands under. 12” screens display results and graphics of choice.

Watch the Magic Happen

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