ASICS Tennis Shoes for Your Playing Style

Footwear Designed for Your Playing Style
You’ve got a racket and the dream of being a tennis ace. Now all you need are the right tennis shoes. With ASICS, you can find the right sneakers for your playing style whether you’re ruling the baseline, moving all over the court, or using a mix of both techniques.

Mixed-Technique Players

More Stability. Better Flexibility.

Modeled after Novak Djokovic’s playing style and built for a quicker recovery.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Flexible stability for switching between playing styles with speed and ease.

Baseline Players

Locked In, Game On.

All-over support for chasing down the most challenging shots.

From Unsteady to Unbelievable

Lateral protection for balance as you move along the baseline.

Surefooted for Every Shot

Reinforced feel for your most abrupt side-to-side movements.

All-Court Players

Feel Lighter to Play Faster

Unstoppable agility to get you from baseline to the net in confidence.

Breathe Easy, Move Freely

Open-mesh design for supreme ventilation and maximum flexibility.