Zappos x Crocs Savannah Bananas 2024

Savannah Bananas Classic Clogs


🍌 Tie-dyed yellow & blue exterior for a home-run dance-off, duh

🤩 Savannah Bananas logo featured on the strap for added a-peel

⚾ You can now attend the games in major-league style

🍌 We just wanted use the banana emoji again

Zappos! Welcome to the Party.

Party Animals Classic Clogs


🐒 Tie-dyed black, green, and pink exterior for a rival match-up you can’t miss

🤩 Party Animals logo featured on the strap for a party in the back

🎉 “Eat. Sleep. Party. Repeat.” with baseball’s favorite rival Crocs

🔥 And a fire emoji because this team is fired up to beat the Bananas

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