Native Shoes Remix Project

Native Shoes Remix™ Project
Native Shoes Remix™ Project

The Native Shoes Remix™ Project recycles well-loved Native shoes by giving them a new life in projects across the community.

Through a unique grinding process, every sole and every style—from sandals to knit sneakers to boots—can be broken down into a versatile material and repurposed for community projects, such as playground flooring, insulation, and more! Items in usable condition will be donated to a good cause, and well-oved shoes will become part of a Native Shoes Remix™ Project!

Recycle Native Shoes in Any Condition

Ship your shoes free of charge! We accept multiple boxes. Please limit each box to 50 lbs. Label will auto-set to 2 lbs and will be updated once weighed by UPS.

(Continental U.S. shipping only.)

Step 1 - Pack Your Donations

Pack up your new or gently used items in any shipping box you have.

Step 2 - Print Label

Click below to print your prepaid shipping label for each box.

Step 3 - Drop Off Package

Attach the shipping label to your box and drop it off at any UPS location!

Fresh Kicks for the Planet

After recyling your well-loved Native shoes, be sure to pick up a new pair on!