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In HER Soles: Connecting To My Classics with Cassidy Edwards


In HER Soles: Connecting To My Classics with Cassidy Edwards


We’ve partnered with CNK Daily, a rising e-source dedicated to serving women in what they’ve dubbed SneakHER Culture, to bring you In HER Soles: Meet The_ONES, a series celebrating the power of sneakers and creatives with ladies across the country. Stretching across a variety of areas including business, design, fashion, mindfulness, and social advocacy, we’re sharing their stories, their work, and the sneakers they keep on deck.



Newsflash: Loving sneakers hasn’t always been easy. Now add in the ingredients of motherhood, a career in Corporate America, and a side hustle that you love. It’s the perfect recipe for long days and caffeine overload. One thing I never expected, was that my passion would ultimately lead me to my purpose through all the endless to-do lists and creative writing. To break it down, my passion for sneakers would navigate me to my purpose of working with CNK Daily. CNK is a platform that serves as a voice to empower, educate, and inspire women in what we like to call ‘sneakHER’ culture. We aim to give the everyday woman a voice in our community while showing them confidence through kicks.

Through the years, I learned that sneakers became a uniform of confidence for me. Like many young girls, affording cool shoes was not a luxury in middle school and high school. I had to rely on my parents to lace me up, and I quickly understood they were not about spending their coins on the hype. Taking what I could get (along with finding my size run) birthed my love for the classics. I define classics as my go-to sneakers that are timeless. The classics withstand every season, every decade, and every phase in life. One of the brands that catapulted my sneakHER love was Vans. Watching the skateboarders pop ollies in downtown parking lots and graffiti artists tag their territory in scuffed up Vans was my favorite pastime. The brand has managed to transcend sneaker culture holding hands with art, music, and sports. There’s a lot of history in a classic pair of sneakers, and not only do they give us all the feels taking us back to childhood nostalgia but they are versatile AF.


Being a busy mother, my style has to be centered around comfort. I never know when I’ll have to pivot from place to place and need my sneakers to transition with me. The_ONES houses so many classic pairs, but the Vans Authentic is a go-to in my rotation. The lace-up canvas silhouette with signature checkerboard design is easily styled up or down for any occasion. What I love about this Vans Authentic is the added twist of a platform midsole, taking it to new heights. As the weather begins to get cooler, I opted for pairing my Vans sneakers with easy seasonal staple pieces: Graphic tee, leggings, and moto leather jacket. By adding a red clutch to compliment my graphic tee, it added just the right pop of color. With so many items on the to-do list, I don’t want to spend too much time figuring out what to wear. If I’m looking for simplicity or bold colorblocking, I have always been able to count on my Vans kicks.

During any given week, I could be sitting at a coffee shop getting CNK work done, flexing sneakers on casual Fridays at the office, or taking my kids to a nearby park. I can confidently say that my Vans take me everywhere without compromising my casual style or breaking the bank. I know the fine + frugal ladies will feel me.

Check out what’s in my shopping cart of classic sneakers to elevate your sneakHER style this fall!



Written by: Cassidy Edwards
Photos by: Katie Charlesworth


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