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9 Totally Boss Ways to Wear Sneakers to Work | The_ONES


9 Totally Boss Ways to Wear Sneakers to Work


Whether your office dress code is law-firm buttoned-up (suits, pencil skirts, and, well, button ups) or tech-startup laid back (hoodies and ripped jeans accessorized with a cup of free keg beer), you can still work your favorite sneakers into the rotation in a way that’s polished and professional. (Start with casual Fridays, if unconvinced.) Think an off-duty Melanie Griffith in Working Girl, only all day long. Each of the below looks is a slick yet considered way to come across like a #girlboss who’s got this while wearing sneakers on the job.


Photo by @amisachowww

1. Skirting Around

Ah, the ole skirt-and-sneaker combo. It’s the classic girly-girl and tomboy yin and yang of the sneakers-at-work playbook, played out here from head to toe: An oversize sweatshirt riffing off a ruffled skirt, fishnet socks riffing off a pair of black Vans Old-Skools. For shorter skirts, trade out the ankle socks for opaque tights.


Photo by @crystalgeller

2. A Hop, Skip, and Jumper

Generally, jumpsuits and rompers read more alfresco brunch than business-hours attire. But when they’re accessorized with relatively staid staples: a long-sleeve shirt (here black, but a white collared number would work too) and hi-top Chucks, the outfit veers back into the office space.

Photo by @fannyekstrand

3. Business as (Un)Usual

Slacks and a sheer top are workplace staples. Shake up the look by swapping out your heels for a sweet pair of sneakers; something chunky to stand up to the flair of the pants works best. Tweak the silhouette slightly with a calf-skimming A-line skirt for a similarly fresh styling.


Photo by @kateogata

4. The Cool Girl

And by that we mean what’s cooler than raw-edge cropped jeans, fuzzy coat, and checkered Vans? Rhetorical question, answer: nada. But don’t stop there, swap out the jeans for leather pants and it works. Swap out the fuzzy coat for a cropped trench and it works. Because, and this is us letting you in on a little secret, checkerboard Vans work with everything, even a kimono-style coat and diaphanous blue dress.


Photo by Sean Santiago

5. Mix Master

The slouchy cool of Chuck Taylors helps to ground maximalist outfits whether animal print, boldly patterned, or crazy-sparkly. And cropped pants give you the lift you need to show off those high-tops (bonus points when they’re customized.


Photo by Tory Rust

6. Party Up Top, Business Down Below

The addition of a pair of old-school sneakers (Reeboks, New Balance, Sauconys) and high-waisted pants keeps a knotted shirt from coming off as office inappropriate. (The sartorial equivalent of your dad telling you to put a sweater on over those spaghetti straps, missy.) A smartly cut jacket offsets the casualness of the sneaks, pulling it all together.


Photo by @loveandloathingla

7. Matchy-Matchy

Pops of lipstick red, partnered with neutral plaid pants, says without saying, “Where do I sign?”


Photo by @miriamsternoff

8. Pleat and Thank You

Brogues? No way. A menswear-inspired ensemble gets a healthy dose of glammy downtown cool with a sheer sparkly top and black Vans. (And dare we say this look is also interview-worthy.)


Photo by @theoxfordist

9. Well-Suited

There’s no rule that says you and your work-wife can’t coordinate outfits. After all, isn't collaboration the key to success? A pinky-cream suit cuts loose when paired with a band tee and sneaks, while clear glasses and a jacket buttoned over a skirt dress up a pair of pink Vans.



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